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Zenmuse H3-2D on Phantom 2

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Discussion' started by Phantom2inVA, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Phantom2inVA

    Mar 29, 2014
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    I've searched the this forum but could not find an answer to this question so I'm putting it out to all of you. I just got a new Phantom 2 with Zenmuse H3-2D and GoPro Hero 3+. I installed the Zenmuse and GoPro last night and calibrated everything...seems to be working pretty good. However, does the Zenmuse only allow the GoPro to go into two positions...either straight up and forward or all the way facing down? It doesn't seem to allow me to angle the GoPro halfway between all the way down and all the way up.

    Let me know your thoughts!

    One more thing! While calibrating in Phantom software the "gimble" was "off" according what was on the page. However, when I moved the X1 lever the GoPro would go from straight up to all the way down and back whenver I moved the lever.

    Should the "gimble" in the Phantom software have said "on"...if so, how do I turn it on?


  2. scooter339

    Feb 14, 2014
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    Grand Junction, Colorado
    To position the GoPro half way I finesse the control slowly. I can't imagine doing that while doing technical piloting but some of the guys on this forum probably can.

    If your GoPro just drops and quickly tilts up, then possibly you engaged the zenmuse when the GoPro wasn't attached, just a guess.
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