Winter in La Hiruela - Madrid: Snow in the Village and the Mountains

Dec 15, 2021
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La Hiruela is strategically located on the northeastern edge of the Sierra Norte de Madrid, within the Biosphere Reserve of the Sierra del Rincón. This location places it between hills and steep terrain on the eastern slopes of the Sierra de Somosierra, in the basin of the Jarama River.

The natural environment of La Hiruela is truly impressive. The municipality is home to a remarkable diversity of vegetation, including a meadow of century-old oak trees, birch groves with holly and yew trees, as well as meadows and traditional orchards with an abundance of fruit trees. This natural wealth provides a perfect setting for outdoor activities and for the observation of native flora and fauna.

As for its history, although there is no concrete evidence about its origin, it is believed that La Hiruela was established after the Reconquest. Due to its isolated location, the village enjoyed certain autonomy and received the right of Villazgo, which implied certain privileges such as the possession of a roll or pillory. In addition, its cattle ranch obtained the rank of Royal due to its cattle raising importance.

In terms of architecture, La Hiruela is one of the best preserved villages in the Sierra Norte. Its urban fabric is simple but charming, with stone houses grouped in compact blocks that make their way through small streets and merge with orchards, meadows and fields.

La Hiruela's heritage is another highlight. The village has an ethnological museum and a flour mill, which offer a window into the traditional life of this charming town.

In terms of activities, La Hiruela offers a wide range of options for visitors. From electric mountain bike routes to interpreted routes through the villages of the Sierra del Rincón, to hiking days with nature photography and night sky observation, there is something for all tastes and preferences.

In short, La Hiruela is an ideal destination for those looking to connect with nature, explore local history and culture, and enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities in a stunning natural setting.
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