Will my black pearl work with the Phantom 3?

Jan 24, 2015
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Hey All,

I have a P2 v3 with ImmersionRC 600 MW and a BlackPearl 7 Channel. Is any of that going to work with the Phantom 3?

Note - I would prefer not to use my iPhone as the FPV screen.

Appreciate any insight!
If you attach a video camera and 5.8Ghz video transmitter, it will work with it.

Note that nobody has a Phantom 3 yet, so we can't really say beyond that.
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In case you found that answer to be a bit condescending, the answer is No.
Among other differences, the Phantom 3 no longer uses 5.8GHz for video down-link.
Why not the iPhone? Keep in mind, the whole idea is to use the new pilot app, then you can control everything with the touch screen. And not to mention, the built in light bridge will transmit HD 720p, you need a better screen to view that.

And I don't think the black pearl will work either.
Just think of the Phantom 3 as a "souped" up Phantom 2 Vision + - but all wifi on 2.4Ghz

oh no its even better then that. Its also 2.4ghz control and video in the same stream and its not wifi its actually 2.4g digital radio signal not 2.4g wifi.

and even tho the iphone is smaller it will still blow away the bp as far as picture quality goes being the video feed is full 1080 hd and also none of the fuze and snow that the black pearl has and also you will see in real color. not what ever it is one would even call the sort of kind of some what color video on a black pearl.

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