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WiFi questions, no remote present.

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by tmd07, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. tmd07

    Oct 28, 2014
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    Hello to all! I am new to this forum but have been messing around with a phantom 1/GoPro hero 3 black for a while. I recently got a "project" vision+ that had a minor crash. It is basically just the drone, battery and what I think is an operational camera and gimbal. No remote or charger was included. From what I can tell so far I need a new shell (1 arm is cracked), props, and new gimbal cushions/locks (2 of them torn). I have ordered some of the small stuff and had to straighten out the gimbal mount bracket that was bent. I did install the battery and powered it up. Everything "seems" to be normal without actually being able to fly it. I am getting all the lights upon initial startup then they go to the flashing yellow because I have no remote for it to connect to. Also the camera light goes to green, moves around a little and stops. No common shaking/jerking or red light after a crash. Moving the phantom around the gimbal is doing it's thing and the camera stays stationary like it should. The ribbon cable is intact.

    Here is my questions... should the phantom itself be giving out a wifi ssid name? Does this only connect through the range extender? I was hoping to get it to connect directly to my iphone app but I do not see any wifi being broadcast from it. On a side note I was able to communicate through the DJI assist software on my laptop and didn't see any errors. The battery shows only 2 charges, 100% life and the parts of the phantom that aren't damaged look new. I just dont want to go ahead and purchase the shell and remote with range extender and whatever else it needs if this needs more work than its worth. Thanks for any info.
  2. CityZen

    Oct 22, 2014
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    Hmm, you're following about the same path that I took to get into this. Only you're a bit luckier with that gimbal/camera.

    Regarding the wifi connection, the Phantom camera transmitter doesn't broadcast its SSID. That is done by the range extender. There's a topic on this if you search. You could probably connect the app to the Phantom directly if you set up the correct SSID.

    Here's some hints:
    - There are several kinds of DJI remotes. You need a 5.8 Ghz one.
    - You also want the range extender, eventually. There's a couple different versions, but I don't think that matters. Perhaps someone could correct me if I'm wrong here.
    - As for the charger, you can save money by buying a plug adapter for a couple bucks, then getting a generic 13V DC adapter.
    - Don't bother buying the "drop protect" pins for the gimbal; just use cable ties instead (not too tight).
    - There's tons of useful info in this forum. Have a look around.
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