Sep 18, 2015
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Hello to all. Due to illness, my P3A bought early December has just now been opened and batteries have been charged. In the meantime I've tried to follow the various issues with NFZs and problems with updates etc.
Good grief, I can't wait to get started, but I want to start with a stable, non-hobbled by DJI version. It's been 40 yrs but I think I know enough to fly responsibly. Here's what I have to work with:
P3A with whatever firmware from that time
Nexus 7 2013 running 4.4.4
All advice as to how to proceed greatly appreciated.
just fly it before any firmware updates
Won't I have to seek out a charitable pilot in order to get the apk of an earlier version of DJI GO app? Sorry to be ignorant, 30yrs with MS-DOS and up, but just now getting to learn Android as example
You can find your current version of DJI GO and firmware in the "About" section of DJI GO. Once you figure out which version of the firmware you have installed, check out the release notes here to see if there are any features in the newer firmware releases that you'd like to use. If there are, then upgrade to the appropriate version. If not, then you can certainly fly on what is installed right now.
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I've not installed any version of GO yet. That is part of my question. Which version should I start with, or more specifically, which version was the least buggy and in which version was NFZ implemented, or is NFZ not even implemented by GO, but by firmware in the bird. I thought that I understood all this in December, but I was wrong.
Does my not even been powered up bird have firmware already on board it or the controller?
Am I missing some fundamental understanding of what programming is stored where and how do they interact?
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