Where to find a Dji S1000 or S900

May 16, 2022
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I have been interested in purchasing either a DJI S1000 or S900 series drone. I wanted to upgrade from my Mavic PRO (still gonna use it like crazy, the new one is for a different use case) and wanted something I can fly my Sony a7R2 from and take my filming to the next level. I also had some ideas to use it in other projects for search and rescue and payload tests. I know the Mavic 3 is beautiful but I have some other reasons I wanted to purchase due to its payload capability and the fact I can use whatever system and custom stuff in it. I can't seem to find a forum or a proper place to look for one. Not many of these are for sale anymore so I wanted to enlist some help from the pros. Do any of you either want to sell or happen to know where I can find a S900 or S1000?

Seriously thanks in advance. I hope this post is allowed.
I’m not sure of your location, so no help there.
All I did was a google search for
Used DJI S-1000.
oh ok. Ive been having some trouble with drone trader where it doesn't show all of the results. Ill get it to work eventually. Thanks!
will do my best to access it. It's in a case but cases are stacked and I have to go through them, in a bit inaccessible part of my garage :)
Your good! I actually found someone that I am currently trying to do a deal with. If anything goes through with that I’ll go back to you! Have a great weekend!

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