What now?

Jan 9, 2015
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Any ideas?


30 inch chain saw or,
30 foot ladder.
I'd be getting out a fishing rod with a sinker or a plug with no hooks. Sucker is up there.
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If you knew someone with another phantom you could get them to hook it up, other than that i'd be climbing it.
Tow rope to the tree as high as possible, give it a good shake with the 4WD.
Whatever happens it's still a long way down for the little bird.
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Would be nice if ya had someone ya know that works at the power co as it's right by the road and would be no problem !!!
Looks like a good wind will get it down but the landing with that gonna suck !!
Good luck !!
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If you can climb the tree then thats probably best. Try attaching a rope to it and drop it down slowly to the ground.

As Dirk said, if it falls you're gonna need a new one.
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I can get that , But I am a real fisherman. But get a pole and just enough weight to cast that far, and keep at it until you have it.
Good luck ,And good landing.
Do not climb the tree (really). Get a couple of friends holding a tarpaulin underneath to at least try to catch it if you can shake it free or just wait for it to fall.
I can get that , But I am a real fisherman. But get a pole and just enough weight to cast that far, and keep at it until you have it.
Good luck ,And good landing.
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............Me too, don't really know any fake ones
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dirkclod Hi there. I am a Mechanic. And I have seen a lot of guys drop stuff in an expensive engine, and cant get the bolt they dropped out. Well I am always barging about what a good fisherman I am.
And I am the one they get to fish it out. Some times a magnet on a string is all it takes.:D
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Just a thought. PCV pipe sections built while sliding up the tree to support the pipe. At the angle it's sitting you could slide it through the legs. Have a Y near the top so it can't slide down once it is free. Good luck.
What UK flyer said might be a good Idea. Just don't want to get two stuck up there. Possibly be the best way to not damage it. The other ideas to cast a line up there is also good. ( pretty long way up there) I would try to get as many friends as I could to try to catch in a blanket or such to cushin the impact. Good luck & keep us posted.
If I was in this spot first I would try another bird with a hook (might have 2 stuck:)) or I would call for some help couple people with a sheet and I would climb the tree & hope they catch it and I don't fall . Call a tree company or find a power company truck on the side of the road taking a nap (can't tell you how I know:rolleyes:) this will probably cost you .
Or the best way to go is
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From the side perspective, that birds looks about 80' up the tree. I think you'll need a wrecker drone...

IIRC, the AR Drone 2 has a Rescue mode. Basically it will briefly start the motors in an attempt to move the bird. It actually works...but the bird is very light.
Get a long strong string. If you can throw well, tie it to a rock or similar and throw it over and behind and let the rock come down to ground. Grab both ends and shake. It looks like it would come down easy enough. A bow would be great and more accurate. That's a tall tree.

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