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Walkera ilook review

Discussion in 'Photos and Video' started by denodan, May 14, 2014.

  1. denodan

    Feb 8, 2013
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    I am always looking for ways to do FPV on my Phantom 1, and get extra flight time, so got some Vision 2 blades, and got me around 1 min extra flight time. Not interested in a Gimbal on my Phantom 1, due to poor flight times, want to reduce weight, not increase it for better flight times.

    I did notice Walkera came out with a new camera, the ilook, plug and play camera, with the 5.8 Ghz FPV transmitter already built in. So thought what a good idea, an all in one camera, so reduced weight.

    Before the got the ilook camera, I was using my GoPro 3, so also had to have a sperate 5.8ghz tx also which added a fair bit of extra weight.

    With the ilook camera, it makes my Phantom lighter. The good thing about it, is it's as easy to fit and use as a gopro 3, if I don't want any camera, then can take it off, no tx still stuck on my Phantom to add weight.

    With my older setup, with GoPro 3 and 5.5 tx, was getting 9.40-10 mins
    With Walkera ilook camera have got from 11.05-12 mins flight times.

    The extra flight time is only one reason, why this camera is a good buy.

    I like the fact, it's plug and play, so can run off your quad battery, else if you wish, can run it off a 7.4 separate battery, no 5.8 TX needed, so built in. Have 2 quads I can use for FPV, with the Walkera QR 350X pro on the way, so 3 with FPV. It is a simple matter of just changing the camera from one quad to another and ready for FPV flying, no hassles, or extra 5.8 needed.

    The whole camera is all metal and soild, like a gopro, a big step up from Walkera, as their previous cameras have been very poor quality, till now.

    While the image quality does not match that of the Gopro 3, it's still not to bad, and very acceptable, colours look softer then Gopro, so I have had to have a drop in quality, yet gained in weight reduction, and no added cost having to buy 3 extra 5.8 FPV transmitters, so very convenient indeed.

    Is it worth Buying you may ask?, for me yes. A drop in image quality, but offset by convenience, so can live with it. thing

    One thing I have found, tried to take a video, took the micosd card from my Gopro 3, and inserted it into the ilook, went to look for the video, nothing, reformatted the card, then worked, so you need a formatted card, with nothing else on it.

    There is a button on the top, like Gopro, to start and stop, the shutter button feels and works better then the gopro. On the side of the ilook, there is a sliding button for picture, or video, so select before you start to fly.

    Another good thing, is you can either use your quads battery, or add another to run the camera, so not limited to the Gopro camera's battery.

    Below is a link to the camera, and my test flight on my Phantom 1.


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