Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City & Con Dao) & Korea

Jun 22, 2015
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Just got back from a quick trip to Vietnam (March 1- March 7, 2017) with my P4. My buddy brought his Mavic Pro. There were no issues getting drones through either SGN or VCS airports. Also didn't have an issue getting through security at Incheon airport in Korea. They saw the phantom through the x-ray, spent a minute trying to figure out what it was, and once they figured it out, they giggled and let me take my bag.

Ho Chi Minh City - We didn't really mess with our drones too much, but we did get some down time where we went to a park along the Song Sai Gon river and flew it over the water. Obviously, the city is dense and crowded and didn't entertain the thought of flying it over people, buildings, etc. We also played it safe and started up the drones away from people. A lot of the structures are in close proximity to the river so you can get aerial shots above the water.

Quick tip: as soon as the IMU is calibrated, launch your drone and quickly fly it far away enough from you so that the drone can't be easily seen by others and the buzzing propellers can't be heard. Otherwise, you'll be surrounded by people asking questions, which eventually leads to police harassment.

Con Dao Island - getting through the airport wasn't any trouble and flying it wasn't too bad.... but........ we got stopped by military police. They made us follow them to their station and delete our sim cards. What we didn't know was that half of the population of 7,000 is military. They were super nice guys though.

Vietnamese Police - I emailed my Vietnamese colleague who visits Vietnam every year about the incident. She forwarded the message to her family in Vietnam and they said that the police usually do that kind of stuff because they want a few bucks for coffee. They probably would have just let us go. The guys that stopped us looked like they were 16-20 years old.

Anyway, for those of you guys that do a search on Vietnam or plan on going in the future, hope this helps.

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