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  • Yeah. the Drone Police apparently have endless time and energy to make sure flying drones is no fun at all. We should just leave our drone in the box and cower in fear waiting for the Feds to come bust our door down. These forums do tend to be overrun with jerks, but if you want to get your videos out they are one way to get views. I was happy to see the Mod shut that guy down, anyway.
    I am over here in Orlando with a P3P, relatively new to the drone but have flown other drones.
    What cautions do you see flying in FL? Is it tougher or easier than rest of nation?
    Fun Toy to not have Spark Plugs !
    Craig Willes
    Hi, noticed your post about flying "stock" how did you get to keep using the original DJI app without doing updates. My P3P would beep like crazy until I made the updates. I notice we share a few things in common, such as being professional photographers, and the love of two wheels.
    Kirby Johnson
    Kirby Johnson
    Sideloaded the original App and rooted phone
    Kirby Johnson
    Kirby Johnson
    I tried to post how, but Phantom pilots thought I was over the word count limit.
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