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v1.1.1 vs Phantom 2

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sup858, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. sup858

    Jan 14, 2014
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    Wanted to get some advice, looking at purchasing a Phantom but having some trouble on deciding between the Phantom v 1.1.1 or the new Phantom 2. Logic says go with the newer model Phantom 2, but a bit concerned with the charging time of Phantom 2 batteries. Is the flight time that much different. I did see the DSLRPros video comparing the two versions, but somewhat concerned that might just be their sales pitch to get rid of existing stock?
    What do you guys think, would you get a Phantom 1.1.1 or a Phantom 2?
    I do plan on using this for aerial video type projects.
    I also plan on adding a Futaba controller and TX, FPV , OSD and the anti-gravity motors with carbon blades.
    thank You for your time.
  2. Preacher

    Jan 7, 2014
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    It mainly comes down to flight time.

    On my Phantom 1.1.1 with stock battery, Zenmuse and FPV transmitter I get around 6-7 minutes airtime. Sure, for the £110 of a Phamtom 2 battery I could buy a fist full of Phantom batteries, it is a huge pain to be up for next to no time, come down, change and get back up again.

    Now, I know you can put the Phantom 2 props on the Phantom 1 and get a good few more minutes flight time as well as use larger batteries (I now have 5 2750mah batts). But it's still not the same.

    They are pretty much the same, the main different is just how long you can be in the air for before bringing her down.

    If you do get a Phantom 1, get a LOT of batteries. I just spent £150 on more.
  3. WReimer

    Oct 20, 2013
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    There really isn't enough difference between the two performance wise to make a really clear choice. The V2 batteries are much more expensive, so you're unlikely to go out and buy several of them. They are a bigger battery and will take a fair bit longer to charge, so with only one battery, you are grounded while it's charging. With the older model, batteries are much cheaper, and for the price of one V2 battery, you're likely going to be able to fund enough 1.1.1 batteries to fly for close to 45 minutes anyway.

    Seeing what you're planning on installing on the Phantom, chaco your measurements carefully. There is not a lot of room inside the shell, and you may find yourself disappointed in that regard. The Phantom, for it's size, price and feature set, is a very versatile machine, and capable of producing some impressive videos. It's not big enough or capable enough to fill too many roles at the same time, though. I have two of them, an F550 and Gaui 500X. There are many things the 550 will do that the Phantom can't; conversely there are a number of things that the 550 or 550X can't do that the Phantom shines in. My suggestion is to keep things a bit simple initially until you decide what you want to use the phantom for most, and go from there
  4. FangsCPO

    Apr 7, 2013
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    Chula Vista, CA
    What killed my desire to get the Phantom 2 was the battery. The fact that i can't just hook it up to any charger of my choice and recharge it at a quicker pace doesn't work with me. Until that issues is solved, I'll stick with my Phantom 1. I hate the limited flying time but the fact that I can have 4-5 batteries to charge and recharge to have continous flying time works for me.......for now.
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