Using DJI GEO, worked fairly well

Jul 4, 2016
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Sterling Heights, MI
So, encounter my first "full" use of the DJI GEO system tonight. I thought I'd share the experience; I had a problem and a little confusion. Now, I'm sorry, I didn't take screen shots and the place I did this I had a LOT of annoying distraction as it was happening (can't people leave you alone while you are working on your drone? seriously?!)

Let me set this all up. The place I'm flying is just one block from two national sports stadiums (Comerica Park and Ford Field). A year ago I could fly it without restriction. Then the DJI Go NFZ version came out and both stadiums, according to only DJI generate a 24/7 Red No Fly Zone a mile out. Finally the version of Go came out with GEO support and suddenly I could fly there again - EVEN during a game! (didn't expect that). I've NEVER flow OVER the stadiums, but I have flown right after a game (5 minutes) as the fireworks went off, no problem.

Today, I go to start up and I get the Cannot Take Off message. I click it and all I'm told is that I'm in a No Fly Zone. I check B4UFLY and nothing. I look in DJIs map and see nothing. I can find yellow circles on the map on Go but that's it.

Now, here I have to apologize, I Cannot remember what I did (turning GEO off then back on again?) but Suddenly I see a screen I've never seen before. GEO asking me if I want to self-authorize to fly here! Whoa! Of course I DO!

It gives me two options, via text or credit card. I try text first, my cell is handy! It texts me a "verify" code number within seconds, BUT on the screen it simply reports, after a few moments, "Unable to verify, try again" - I wasn't given anywhere to type in the verify code.

So I switched to credit cared, typed in my info and moments later, I had authorization. 10 seconds later the red Cannot Take Off was replaced with a Safe To Fly (GPS) in green.

Footnote: I visited my DJI account page and this authorization is not listed.

So, is the text feature broken? Should I report this "Bug"? or, what did I do wrong?

And, can anyone tell us all, what IS the right way to get to this screen when there is a Cannot Take Off message - instead of me fumbling around next time.

Thanks for reading.
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