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  1. kenargo

    Nov 20, 2014
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    An updated coming in a few weeks will include additional features and with these there will likely be an increase in the price. Currently $20 for the app (no in-app purchases) and free companion apps for VR and OSMO (recently updated to SDK 3.3 from DJI) I expect the app to increase to $25 (still no in-app purchases).

    UF includes all the modes you expect including P4 Tracking with obstacle avoidance and the mission planner includes features not found in any other existing app today. The planner allows you to create orbit missions, defining points and degrees of rotation. Orbit and panorama points are calculated at runtime, define the parameters and leave the app to calculate the flight. Create missions the way you want using altitudes above ground (or above takeoff as you do today) and switch back and forth allowing the app to calculate the altitudes based on the selected mode.

    There are many advanced altitude and map management services mainly used by more advances map makers and you can read more about those in the documentation here: Redirecting...

    The new update will add more pre-defined waypoint types and features so by getting the app today you will get all the updates for a lower price. Even if you fly other apps you will very likely find features in UF that are not in your current app (and vis-a-versa).

    Download the app from the store today:

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