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Ultimate Flight adds some new things...

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by kenargo, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. kenargo

    Nov 20, 2014
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    The last 3 beta updates include:


    * Updated Android SDK and Google Play Services
    * Added "Tutorial mode" under advanced settings that allows all UI surfaces to be reviewed even when aircraft is not connected.
    * When using text edit for waypoint the +/- was not hidden correctly for altitude
    * Added text entry support for orbit waypoints
    * Added text entry support for camera point (lat, lng and altitude)
    * Added +/- for camera point altitude
    * Hide soft keyboard when closing edit screens
    * Added gimbal control setting per waypoint; you can now disable automatic gimbal movements and just use camera point to set heading
    * Mission flight shows turn radius when flying arched-turns
    * New Camera Point management. Disabled, Focus Point
    * Defaults mission and waypoint parameters (see creating a default mission template in docs)
    * Lowered min distance for waypoint orbit allowing for points to be closer than 5m if needed

    * WP distance calculation updated to use right-triangle math to better take into account distance + altitude
    * You can enter negative altitudes with WP slider. In app settings->Flight Modes->Defaults change the minimum altitude to -XXX (where XXX is the lowest negative value you want to fly).
    * Starting a mission validated altitude range is within supported range of the SDK (-200 - +500m)

    * Save and load camera setting's profiles
    * Assign a camera profile to a waypoint mission and have the camera load the profile when the mission starts
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