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UK'ers - Good deal on original Hero 3 Black + bits @ Argos?!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DeweyAXD, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. DeweyAXD

    May 31, 2013
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    Oxfordshire, UK
    Good value on a Hero 3 Bundle Deal @ Argos (of all people!) - £279.99

    Just posted this in DJIguys... Americans just read the bottom line in comfort :roll:

    Ok its not the new Hero3+ but lets face it, the original is still a great camera :D

    The details on the site don't really give anything. They don't list which edition the bundle includes(!) and the pics suggest you get a Frame and spare batt.... I kind of assumed it would be a Silver edition with Frame and spare batt. No no!

    I asked to take a look at the shop before buying and on opening the pack I can confirm you get:

    Original Hero 3 Black Edition (with Wifi remote and the usual tasty trimmings)
    - Spare 1050mah GoPro battery (so you end up with two). This is £15 on its own.
    - GoPro Suction Mount (£25-£30 on its own)
    - GoPro 'The Frame' (£30 on its own)... this is the full kit with 2 versions of it (one for the back pac).

    Personally I think that is pretty good VFM considering what it can cost you to buy this all seperate (especially if you get it from GoPro direct!).

    Of course I already had a suction mount at full retail and I make my own Frame on Shapeways (*coughs under breath that it is lighter, whiter and you don't need to flip the camera in the settings to use it)... sorry don't know where that came from :mrgreen:

    Still I thought for the UK goers looking at a Phantom over Xmas this was pretty good. Of course the Americans and other foreigners among us don't get a good shafting from GoPro retail rates. Americans you can get the new Hero3+ Black for what equates to £244. We pay £360 ($588) so you can all laugh at us :lol:

    EDIT: Everything out of the box - Seems the Suction Cup mount is the older style one.

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