Two phantom 2's. 3 controllers, 4 batteries, MiniOSD installed on both, Tarot Gimbal, Mobius mount w

Apr 8, 2014
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1229 dollars. I pay shipping. Insured. Paypal only.

I have all my photos in a public shared photo album on facebook:

You get everything in the photos:
2x Phantom 2's:
-wired with MiniOSD in both
-LPF for Fpv power supply in both
-wiring for immersion video transmitter. Add a transmitter and goggles, and you have fpv!
-2 motors on non gimbal phantom 2 have been replaced with new motors
-3 cracks that I filled in with epoxy
-each one works perfectly, nothing wrong at all! They fly like new.

3 controllers:
one is the new upgraded version. has a directional antennae and rocks. rechargeable and has a nice gimbal switch
other two are the controllers that came with the p2's. one has a added gimbal switch, but needs an antennae. the other one works perfectly and has an included directional antennae. I have both the phantom 2's binded to the new transmitter. Works perfectly. I am throwing in the old ones in case you want a backup controller.

4 batterys:
-I never fly below 50% charge. The batteries are practically brand new.

3 battery chargers:
work perfectly

Tarot gimbal:
Works well but drifts with the roll a bit. I suck at programming the thing. I have taken lots of videos with it without problem, but I am sure someone else could fix the issue. The thing works flawlessly besides that drift issue. Whenever I go left or right, roll, it will tilt with the copter ever so slightly.

DOES NOT COME WITH MOBIUS OR VIDEO TX!!! I need those for my other copters haha

I will only ship to the united states. preferably california. paypal only! I will also buy insurance for all packages shipping out. 3 packages, one with batteries, and two more with everything else.

These copters work so well. I have taken the best care for them, which means a dehumidified case with lots of cushions. They will make you happy and they are a lot of fun to fly!

Ready to sell :)
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