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Transmitter Calibration Heads-Up

Discussion in 'Phantom 1 Help' started by Dave Pitman, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. Dave Pitman

    Nov 2, 2013
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    Olympic Peninsula USA
    I just calibrated the transmitter using the simple directions on dji's website (copied below), and it is very clear and simple, except....

    What follows is copied directly from dji. What I wanted to clarify is in Step 4. you are told to turn the S1 switch to ATTI. What is should say is "Toggle the S1 switch to the bottom position. A stock Phantom has ATTI set to both the middle and bottom position. The middle position ATTI will not work. And like many, I have changed the bottom postition from ATTI to Manual, so the stock instructions are wrong for me. Just use the Bottom position of the S1 switch, and the transmitter will callibrate.

    Maybe this will help someone in the future. Another thing I found amusing is that at the end of Step 3, you are told to keep the sticks at the top position "at all time". And then immediately in Step 4 are told to move them out of the top position. As is typical in most China product manuals, the proofreader is absent.

    1. Set the switch S2 at the OFF position, and the switch S1 at the GPS position

    2. Push the Throttle stick to the top position, and push the Pitch stick to the top position. Keep the Pitch stick at the top position manually since it can return to the central position when released.

    3. Turn on the Power Switch of the transmitter, you should hear the indicator sound of “Di—Di Di” from the transmitter repeatedly. Toggle the switch S2 to the CL position, you should hear an indicator sound of “Di” from the transmitter, in this case, the transmitter has entered the calibration mode. (During this period, the Throttle stick and the Pitch stick must be kept at the top position all the time.)

    4. Release the Pitch stick and pull the Throttle stick to the central position. Toggle the switch S1 to the ATTI position;(THIS SHOULD SAY "BOTTOM POSITION") you should hear an indicator sound of “Di” from the transmitter. Then move all of the sticks throughout their complete range several times. After this, put the Throttle stick to the bottom position, and toggle the switch S2 to the HL position, you should hear an indicator sound of “Di” from the transmitter, in this case, the transmitter has been calibrated successfully.
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