P3 Firmware tips and tricks of phantom 3 family transmitters GL300A and GL300B

Sep 7, 2020
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well i came upon some thing strange i will post hopefully i will get an explanation or solution, i will post it here and in other threads or forums, its some thing ive been having and testing for a couple of days, i have fixed a p3p and downgraded it to fw1.8.80 and the rc on gl300A is on 1.8, i did the first test flights indoors and out doors for a short time no more than 3 min, as i felt safe to fly i started my first out door flights i came to a strange trouble , after taking off by some 5 min or less or more the video starts lagging and making interference until it becomes non flyable, i started trouble shooting i swapped the transmitter, to another gl300A i have same problem... i linked the p3p to a gl300B the problem was gone!!! i repeated the test over and over with same results??? could it be a bug on gl300A on 1.8 ??? has any one came across such a trouble??by the way gl300B is also on fw 1.8.
so far i have flown twenty times wiyh no video issue on gl300b. but on gl300A after 3min or so inflight or onground interference and bad video starts????

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