The Reason I Went The Drone Route...

Mar 7, 2017
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Background: I'm an award winning, sponsored photographer. Since I've learned about drones, I started thinking about how I could add what they have to offer to my bag of tools.

History: Not that most of you would care, but since I was a "young'in" I was interested in flying; okay, interested is an understatement: I've always wanted to fly. Fast forward several decades and never becoming a pilot, I was filming, mixing, and recording a music and a video a little over a year ago. I brought in a drone pilot for a few scenes. We had one day to film this part and the wind was blowing like crazy! I was very impressed by the drone's ability to function in the windy conditions we were operating in. While the shots I wanted weren't attainable, the results were still impressive given the wind velocity. You can see the music video here: Parody of Adele's Hello

Here and now: I got my pilots license a month after 107 was in effect and have been working hard to market, expand, and build a business model that not only expands what my photography business already offers, but also penetrates a market that was previously only tapped by true photographers that had access to planes and helicopters. I am now doing work for tourism departments across Tennessee as well as the Department of Tourism for Tennessee. Additionally, I have agricultural clients, real estate clients, industrial clients, etc. and have not looked back since starting this aspect of my photography business.

Future: There's a growing market out there for drones and I want to be on the precipice of that wave. I assume the majority of you reading this do too. Time, persistence, and quality will get your foot in the door. The rest is dependent on your eye, photography/videography skills, and ability to market your offerings. Don't give up! Put in the effort and you too can have a successful business that is built around drones.
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