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Stress crack question

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by DEllis, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. DEllis

    Aug 4, 2015
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    Florence, SC
    I have had my p3p for about 7 months and 100+ flights. I have not had any cracks develop. When I fly I usually try to find something interesting to fly around or just go out and practice piloting. While I am not overly cautious while flying I don't do real severe and abrupt flight changes either.

    Have been reading and concerned about the crack issues and wanted to see if the cracks develop regardless of how easy or abrupt the phantom is flown.

  2. tima4427

    Jul 3, 2015
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    I too have been very careful. I've had my p3p since July and have done about 75 flights. No cracks. It's like driving a stick shift… you can drive like you're supposed to or jam the gears and complain when your transmission fails. Happy flying!
  3. solsystem

    Aug 30, 2015
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    When I first got my P3A 3 months ago, I was aware of the crack issue. I loosened the frame screws in the areas which were cracking, balanced the props and backed off on the motor braking settings. Today I happened to check my frame and sure enough there was a definite crack developing in the area of one of the frame screws everyone is talking about. I contacted DJI today and they advised me to send the Phantom in for repair.....so I don't think the problem is related to flying etc,,,,I think its a defect in the construction of the shells..
  4. III% Streve

    Aug 1, 2015
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    I fly the living hell out of my P3P. Over 300 flights and no cracks. No loosening screws. No adding stupid crap inside the arms. No voodoo involved at all. Its either the luck of the draw and/or a prop vibration issue. And there is almost no way to definitively nail it down better than that. Its better to fly it like it needs flow to accomplish whatever you are trying to do, and if it cracks... so be it. Send it in to be repaired free. If you baby it, or leave it on the shelf.. its going to only delay the potentially pre-destined cracks till you are outside the free repair window. Then you will be here complaining.
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  5. AlexSP

    Oct 30, 2015
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    I´m with Steve. Just fly it as you would and whatever happens, deal with it. My P3P has a lot of fights in various conditions and no cracks, 2 months under intense use. I´ve been messing about with P3 shells just because I´m a hobbyist and I like molding stuff, fixing things, experimenting with upgrades and stuff like that. I´ve had access to a couple of cracked shells and ordered 2 new ones just to experiment, and from what I could get so far it´s not a matter of how you fly but rather a problem with the plastic (usually the mix or any contamination during molding or curing). Meaning it could happen on the 1st, 10th flight or never - and that seems to be the pattern.
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