Sporting Event Venue TFR - DJI App correct for non-TFR times?

Dec 4, 2016
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Hi All,

I'm planning an upcoming trip to Pittsburgh and was hoping to fly around Point State Park, the three rivers junction and the sport stadiums.

I read up on Sporting Event TFR's and for MLB, NFL, NCAA D1 Football and the major motor sports, there's a 3 mile radius NFZ around the venue for 1 hour before and after the event. (

So my question is this: has anyone tested if the DJI Go app is accurate outside this window? My concern is my plan was to fly from an elevated scenic lookout on one side of the river but if there is a TFR at all times and not only during the event, I would have to be very careful not to enter the TFR/NFZ otherwise my drone would land immediately (where I can't quickly reach it).

There are potential helipads where I want to fly but that's a whole separate issue I'm investigating.

Thoughts or experience on this? Thanks!
That was exactly my concern, having to avoid the TFR circles even though they should not be happening during those hours. I plan to fly from Mount Washington so I can have LOS to everything.

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This isn't the first time this issue has come up on this forum. Go keeps track of those TFR zones, but not the event schedules for them. So, it just blocks out the area even though there is no event scheduled for weeks! Good intentions on the part of DJI, but lousy execution. DJI seems to be in a bit of a CYOA mode, so I doubt that we will get them to remove the restrictions.
For the record I did do a search on TFR and sporting events trying to find an answer before posting but didn't find anything related to Go tracking start and stop time of TFR's accurately. [emoji846]

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