1. D

    Where are my TFRs if there are any?

    Hi everyone! Quick question, where is the best and easiest place to check for tfrs every time before I fly? I want to always know if there is one before ever taking off. I currently use Airmap, but I don't know if it gives up to date tfrs. I'm hoping for an app to check tfrs, rather than a...
  2. Helihover

    TFR's and LEO

    When a TFR is established, who has the right to fly in them and how does one go about getting permission. Im watching some of the news clips from the train wreck in Washington and watching what appear to be LEO operating UAS, two at the same time in one clip. There is a TFR over the wreck...
  3. FunN4lo

    Flying in a Stadium TFR

    I have a request, by a major university, to fly near their football stadium on a game day. The property I would fly from is is within the bounds of a gameday TFR. It is also private, and completely fenced off from the public. Plans would be to stay within the bounds of the property, so no...
  4. P

    TFRs and getting permission to fly

    Hey all, I've had my Part 107 since April and have a firm understanding of the rules in my rural Georgia area, but I wanted to run a situation across here to get some thoughts from the community. I live in Perry, GA and am working with the City of Perry to produce a short 'commercial' for their...
  5. BigAl07

    FAA Announces ~ Security Sensitive Flight Restrictions

    Take warning there are a LOT of new Airspace Restrictions now in place across the US. Don't be THAT guy. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has established airspace restrictions over 133 military facilities to address national security concerns about unauthorized drone operations. The...
  6. SoCalDude

    L.A. Area NOTAM and TFR (2017-01-08 thru 2017-01-09)

    If you are in the L.A. area next Sunday and Monday, be warned! When the NOTAM is issued, we'll know more as to the exact area.
  7. R

    Sporting Event Venue TFR - DJI App correct for non-TFR times?

    Hi All, I'm planning an upcoming trip to Pittsburgh and was hoping to fly around Point State Park, the three rivers junction and the sport stadiums. I read up on Sporting Event TFR's and for MLB, NFL, NCAA D1 Football and the major motor sports, there's a 3 mile radius NFZ around the venue...
  8. SoCalDude

    FAA Grants TFR Waiver for South Dakota Drone Pilot!

    "In a dramatic reversal of its prior refusal to allow drone journalists in the no-fly zone over the Standing Rock protests in North Dakota, the FAA has granted drone photographer Robert Levine of Minneapolis, Minnesota a three-day waiver to fly in the so-called TFR or temporary flight...
  9. BigAl07

    UAS Operator "could" be in hot water for busting TFR

    UAS Operator busts TFR at Balloon Ralley: This is still developing but it doesn't sound good for the UAS operator. It was announced this morning in a pilot's meeting that the FAA is seeking to have him prosecuted. This could be one to keep an eye on as it could set a national precedence in the...