sporting event

  1. D

    Advice needed for night camera settings.

    I have a promo to shoot for a football club and it will be done at night with spotlights lighting the field. How should I have my camera settings? Any advice is appreciated.
  2. secretum

    Temporary Flight Restrictions not so Temporary?

    Hello. I was flying my Phantom 3 Standard in Pittsburgh this past week, and I noticed something different. The two stadiums NFL, and MLB, have a red circle around each of them signifying a no fly zone. I understand the way NFZs work, however, everything about this was weird. First, the red...
  3. R

    Sporting Event Venue TFR - DJI App correct for non-TFR times?

    Hi All, I'm planning an upcoming trip to Pittsburgh and was hoping to fly around Point State Park, the three rivers junction and the sport stadiums. I read up on Sporting Event TFR's and for MLB, NFL, NCAA D1 Football and the major motor sports, there's a 3 mile radius NFZ around the venue...