Southern Appalachian Fall Foilage and a Secluded Mountain Brook

Jul 8, 2016
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I had a fun time with my drone this past weekend in the north Georgia mountains. The leaves are beginning to change and the temperature dropping which is wonderful. I brought my drone with me this weekend as we enjoyed the mountains and put together a couple of fun videos. Note on the fall foliage video I am a bit irritated on some of the coloring and lighting issues! I did not have the ND filter on like I should have as I took it off earlier in the week for another project i was working on and I failed to put it on before this shoot. I'm happy with the flying but working on the color/lighting. This coming weekend should have some fabulous weather and more opportunities to redeem the coloration and lighting technical specs...there are a few other spots I look forward to filming!

Early fall foliage from the Tesnatee Gap/Hogpen Gap area:

And then I had a lot of fun flying this nice secluded little mountain stream set deep in a highland cove forest of hemlock, rhododendron, and mountain laurel. I had fun flying in atti mode for most of this. The flying was fun, the scenery...well...serene! :)
This little stream is not on a trail and you sure don't run into people back there. I love the seclusion of this spot and marvel at the beauty one finds deep in the woods.

I hope you all enjoy.

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