Sorry but don't buy a P3 (yet)...

Jan 24, 2014
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If you are looking for a craft for videography there is something wrong with the gimbal and keeping the horizon level. I will go into detail tomorrow. It's been a long day and it's late here. Very frustrated right now!
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This is like saying my iPhone 6 bent so everyone dont buy it. how does your case give you the authority to suggest to anyone that your case is so important that its the only reason people shouldnt buy it
No worries here with my P3 Pro, 10 perfect flights so far and the gimbal has been level from day 1.
I'm happy with my P3A, its just a matter of time before new firmware comes out and everything gets tighter.
I'm not a DJI fan boy I'm upset that a few features are still not functioning with my bird; like YouTube live stream(just off the top of my head).
But I'm not gonna get on a forum and bash...anyway, I did the calibrations, and all seems well for now. My gimbal is level

I just need to become more familiar with the camera settings

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