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Short radio control range - repaired!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by seppork, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. seppork

    Aug 8, 2014
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    This is my first post ever to this forum.

    My problem was a very short radio control range, not more than 20 m!

    I had previously installed a 3D gimbal and activated the pitch control and added a 5k potentiometer to the transmitter. Made about 10 flights without any problems - 300-400 m control ok.! Then on next flight the copter flew ok to the treetops abt. 20 m away and lost radio control (constat orange blinking) - the plane returned and landed automatically. I tried two more times with all fresh batteries : 20-30 m from the start point the copter lost connection and returned automatically!

    Next I opened the transmitter and checked all connections, antenna soldering, re-soldered the antenna with a microscope, checked the receiver board in the quadcopter, antenna connections - no visible fault.

    After googling around I found some references to this kind of problems - the fault seemed to be a bad transmitter in most cases.

    I almost ordered a new transmitter, but had hard time to find out the right version, my transmitter had v.1.2 - I do not know the compatibility of v1.1.1 transmitters with my receiver.

    As last resort before ordering a new transmitter - nothing more to loose here - I took the transmitter circuit board out, de-soldered the antenna, took out the radio transmitter cover, and baked the circuit board it in our kitchen own in 200 C for 6 minutes!
    I put the board in cold own, switched it on and waited the temperature to rise to 200 C, controlled the temp. with a digital thermometer. When the temperature reached 200 C , I waited for 6 minutes controlling the own temperature to stay around 200 C. After 6 minutes switched own off, opened the hatch and let the board cool down for 30 min.

    And WOW! After re-assembly - the control range is back to normal - walked abt. 200 m away from the copter and maintained the connection!

    Why anyone wants to put a circuit board in a baking own?
    Well - I have done this a couple times for laptop motherboards. Some HP models have a typical fault in their video circuit. The soldering of some pins obviously disconnects and heating up the board re-solders the detached pins! Obviously there were some loose solder connections in the transmitter antenna circuit.

    The only part that did not withstand the thermal shock was the plastic power switch knob on the board - it melted, but the switch is no replaced with an other found in my reservoirs.

    My transmitter is DJI SR6 V1.2 and copter is DJI Phantom Model P330 V1.2

    Well - I will not be responsible of any damage that someone causes to his electronics when baking them but this time this trick worked for me!
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