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Seeing another quad made me jealous

Discussion in 'Phantom 1 Discussion' started by mediaguru, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. mediaguru

    Oct 15, 2013
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    While at the park yesterday with my family I ran into a guy flying a Team Black Sheep quad. He had a crazy FPV setup and range extenders, saying he could get 7000 feet!

    The TBS quad is basically the arms of a DJI Flamewheel 450, and a rectangular body. Interestingly, the frame plates contain much of the copter's wiring. See photo below:


    I was EXTREMELY impressed with this quad and how stable it was. The winds at the park that day were high enough that I didn't even bring my Phantom. It would be vibrating and bouncing all over the place. His quad was absolutely solid, stable, smooth. The design is so different, and the gimbal not just "hanging" from the frame. The wide landing gear too pretty much assures no tipping over at landing and damaging props.

    This made me think that my Phantom setup sucks and needs major tweaking, or that I should gut my phantom and use the Naza and other electronics to build a quad like this one. All I'd have to do to get started is by $24 F450 arms and $79 plates to get started.

    The drawback I can see with this frame is that it would appear only a 2-axis gimbal is a possibility. Then again, the thing was so stable, I'm not sure the 3rd axis would even be necessary.
  2. Death From Above

    Jun 13, 2014
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    The Disco Pro plates are $599.95. The Disco Pro has the two axis gimbal. You will also need:

    4pcs Flamewheel Arms
    Remote control, 6 or more channels
    Flight control (GPS optional)
    4x 200W motors and 4x 30A ESC
    4x 9x5 or 10x5 propeller set (clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation!)
    FPV camera
    FPV transmitter
    GoPro HD HERO3 or HERO2 camera
    3300mAh - 4500mAh 4S battery (8 - 12 mins flight time) - no larger than 31 x 47 x 157mm

    You will have less yaw jitter than a Phantom with a two axis gimbal but the video will not be a smooth as a three axis gimbal. Some folks mount their gimbals underneath the frame and use longer landing gear.
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