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Feb 19, 2017
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Normal, IL USA
Found a good deal on a RID module for my drones. Holy Stone RID Module works on any drone; $90. Took a whole 2 days to get it.
Only drawback is when I switch drones, I have to re-enter drone name and weight.
Here is a video on it.

I know where the GPS is on my Mavic, but not sure about my Phantom 4 Pro v1. So where do I attach it so I dont block the GPS?
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Remember, the P4PV2s will have RID via firmware upgrade. So if you have a V2, you won't need the RID module.
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Clips from Home Depot electrical dept


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I’ve only flown it a couple of times since attaching the RID, and didn’t notice anything unusual in simple flights. What sort of issues do you think it might cause? Perhaps I’d notice something abnormal if I were watching for something specific. Thanks!
Check your compass and transmitter readings while flying. Leg is going to have either of those inside. Blocking signal from reaching them would be one issue. Interference would be the other.
In a couple of past posts I read that there is a compass in the forward leg of both landing gears. I’ve learned there are also antenna wires in the landing gear legs. With my RID module mounted on the rear leg of the landing gear the compass reports as normal, but the RTH button on the controller did not activate a RTH the other day. Perhaps the RID module is too close to the antenna wire and caused interference???

A how-to video on replacing the gps unit shows an interference shield covers the gps unit and separates it from the rest of the electronics. I wonder whether the RID module could be mounted as low as possible on the lower shell on the front of the drone directly over the gimbal … and be shielded from the GPS by the same internal shield???

I’ll try it there and see what happens … and if RTH button triggers RTH.
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