Holy Stone RID Setup Issues.

Mar 23, 2019
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I, along with others mentioned that the Holy Stone RID was available from Amazon at a very good price. Of course it's for use with their drones, but has a selection for "Other Aircraft". You enter the name (Phantom 4 Pro) and it's weight 1388 g. It seems to save it, then you restart the module. With my Iphone or Android tablet the Drone Go2 app can't find the module. To erase the data and start over, I've noticed the weight field is always blank, every other field is how I entered it. Holy Stone people are working on this now. Question: Have anyone used the Holy Stone RID successfully with a DJI Drone? Thanks!!
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Updated: The Holy Stone RID has FAA Remote Identification Declaration of Compliance under Model Number HSRID01, FCC Identifier 2AJ55HOLYSTONEM. With around 100,000 serial numbers. As stated above the problem was being able to "see" the drone.

Problem is only certain phones/tablets combined with a certain application will allow you to see the RID.

The Xiaomi12, Samsung S10, Realme GT Neo2, OPPO Reno10Pro plus, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
with the OpenDroneID application will work.

I was told if the right LED is blinking slowly, the module is broadcasting. Hopefully they'll find more combinations that will work.

They've also realized their price was too low and are bumping it up on Amazon.
Any other comments are appreciated.
I now have the Holy Stone RID module and entered info for my Mavic Pro. Opened app on my phone and with the 2 lights on; 1 steady, and the 1 blinking showing it's broadcasting, my phone found me. Just shows location...that's good. Did the same with my P4Pv1 and it also found me. Very happy with it; especially the cost.
I got one for my Phantom 4 Advanced +. Easy setup, but the issue is with the FAA's Drone Zone.
It does not like the Holy Stone SN on a DJI drone. I had to use DJI's RID first 4 digits to get it to accept the Holy Stone Module SN.
What do you mean by "DJI's RID first 4 digits"? I entered the serial number from the side of my Holy Stone module and drone zone accepted it. What I don't get is how these little things can transmit anything the FAA can actually see. I turned off my phone's blue tooth and Drone Scanner doesn't see it anymore.
You register the HolyStone on DroneZone as the RID module that it is. Then you are able to use it on any of your drones that are not standard RID compliant. You do not attach the HolyStone SN in place of each drone’s SN.

The HolyStone RID module only broadcasts via Bluetooth. The Drone Scanner app for iOS does detect the module.

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