Replacement battery for Fatshark goggles

Apr 26, 2014
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Raymore Missouri
I have the Fatshark Predator V2 FPV setup. I really haven't used it that much. It works but I am less than thrilled with it. I got it in early 2014. I try to keep an eye on my batteries on things I don't even use that often. Anyway. ...I went to check the battery and it is so dead. The battery is a 7.4V 1000 ma. So I start looking for a replacement battery. I normally shop Amazon. I see batteries starting at around $20 and as high as $55 for a simple small battery. Ebay was no better. I do see some higher capacity batteries with led indicators for battery power and I understand they would cost more. I have seen such drastic price differences on the same item. I guess the high price guys figure someone without doing their homework will stumble across their ad and pay the ridiculous price. Not me. I recently bought
two batteries for a cheap quad with the same specs for $15. I only have to change the power connector. Simple. I like Amazon shopping but you must be aware. I know anyone can ask any price for the same product. So, if you're dumb enough to pay the crazy price...they are happy. I will take my less than $8.00 battery, change the connector and be back in business.

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