Remote ID Options

Looks like this is the unit I'll have to purchase for my standard Phantom 4.

Anyone suggest a good position on the P4 before I start experimenting with it?

My guess would be a leg. That’s where I strap my strobe.
All phantom drones have the GPS on top.
Ted, is the GPS antenna located in the same area of the top on all models? Front third, middle third, or rear third?
All in the same location. Dead center top. Phantom 3 Pro and advanced
is the same
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Thank you sir!

From seeing this I would be most inclined to mount any RID module on the legs.
I have a little bar mounted on my Phantom 3, connects the 2 legs, and protects the camera theoretically. I mounted my Remote ID under that. Holy Stone recommends mounting on top of their drones, but I'm pretty sure my GPS is up there so I put it on the bottom. It's very light, so I think I could mount it to one of the legs and balance would still be fine.

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