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  1. andrewkehn

    May 8, 2016
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    On the remote control someone said the left antenna is RC control to the bird (transmitter) and the right antenna is data from the craft (receiver) so I have to ask why when a booster (RF amp) is used why is it installed on both antennas. How does the RF amp help the receiver side . Please let the know
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  2. IBV


    May 14, 2016
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    anybody knows what left or right antennas are for?
  3. Sim597

    Mar 5, 2016
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    Ok, here's what I've got.
    I have the boosters, they also do receive. Looking at the TXer the left one, or port 1 does in fact relay flight control, I also think due to my own testing that it receives the data for flight control I.E. Your heading and altitude data. This may also be "hidden" in the downlink but I'd have to see that first. So, ok. lemme back up, the boosters have a dual bulb in it very cool looking logo built into the front, where it lights up white when power is connected. It also will glow the bottom blue when it "see's" a frequency (and pulsates very very quickly to the tune of data going thru it, need to look closely to see it)
    In ones that are working correctly, they are both supposed to be a little blue. So, these amp provide both in/out or up/down frequencies. The com 1 or left one glows perfectly like you'd expect (blue and white). The other one on the right, barely glowed the blue on other antenna I have, but on the original DBS mode, it did glow a little and flicker, but it's only receiving so this seemed correct, and others have said so.
    But, now that I have expensive nice antenna and LMR cables up to my roof, and fly from the comfort of AC (Texas the humidity will literally kill ya) of course what I expected was they would both glow "purple" (both lights the white and blue) but alas my dang right is still only white, however, this is where my testing has gotten me.
    When I disconnect the downlink, com 2, or right one, the aircraft still shows a good downlink, if I disconnect both I lose signal. So, it seems when the com 1 is only on and It shows full bars, noise is terrible, haven't tried distance but, but the control side seems to maybe show a good signal because it's providing some data down for our info. When I connect the downlink back up, or power it, the signal is much stronger, so I know it works.
    Now I'll add that I have a feeling my controller is messed up. Jake says this isn't normal and I've deleted the antenna I bought from him as a culprit. If I switch amps, the same thing so it's not the amps, and haven't re-connected the smaller antenna to see if it STILL glows the blue light a little bit. My remote has had many issues, all correlating to the brittle boss' that screws go into, even the old imploded RTH button. In all the work, and not reading then about not to turn on without antennas connected, it's possible I blew the receiver module or something, so in all fairness, mine likely isn't working right.
    I can assure you this, your correct in what you've read, some guys actually tested this and it showed the right side doesn't uplink any info, only receives, doesn't transmit, the other side does both so it's likely it not only controls aircraft but receives the data from same antenna as it seems to do both, up and down.

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