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  1. DanielMyst777

    May 2, 2016
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    I would like to know truthfully if any Phantom 4 owners are experiencing a decrease in max range on their Phantom 4s since the latest firmware updates for both the Phantom and RC including the iOS updates to the DJI GO app. Your P4 transmitter setup can be stock or modified (better antenna, booster, and/or amplifiers), but just please be honest and have done max range tests with these firmware/app updates. Thanks guys.

    Firmware version in question:
    Phantom 4: v1.1.301
    Phantom 4 RC: v1.6.0
    DJI GO iOS app: 2.8.0 AND 2.7.2

    Me personally am having max range decreases by half since the latest updates to the firmare and DJI GO app for iOS. I am trying to see if others are experiencing the same or not. I cannot decide if my range decrease has to do with these updates (which is likely) or since the trees have bloomed and have many leaves now.
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