Questions about Class E / G airspace.

Oct 29, 2018
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I am a future (possibly, hopefully, testing Friday) certified 107 license holder.

I think I have a firm grasp on airspace, but there is something I just don't see the logic in.

Why doesn't ALL Class E airspace extend to the surface? I am talking about the small airports, Class E, that have no dashed lines, that indicate the floor is the surface.

Class E floor starts at 700' AGL around small airports, 1200' AGL most other places, excluding B, C, E?

Below Class E is Class G, ceiling at 699' AGL or 1199' AGL depending on location?

Am I right in the fact that as 107 license holder you can fly within Class G, (under 400' AGL, or 400' above structures, obviously)???

This sounds stupid, does that mean I can just fly my UAV directly over the airport, staying under 400' AGL? Surely not, but I can't find anything that says otherwise.

Maybe there is something I have missed in all of the FAA alphabet soup I have been studying.

Please help me understand.... Thanks.

Airports that have no control tower are colored in magenta. Airport #1 Big Cypress has class G surface up to 699 ft class E starts at 700 within the magenta shading around airport. Outside of the magenta shading the class E starts at 1200 ft. In Airport #2 Dade Collier, the dashed magenta indicates class E starts at surface and on outside of dashed magenta line class E starts at 700 ft up to the magenta shading and outside of magenta shading class E starts at 1200 ft.

In Witham you have dashed blue line indicating class D airspace from surface, outside of dashed blue line you have class E starting at 700ft to the magenta shading, outside of magenta shading class E starts at 1200 ft.

Class D airspace is part time as opposed to 24 hrs, so when the tower closes class D airspace turns either class E surface within the dashed line or class G surface within the dashed lines. Whitham in this example turns into class G surface within the blue dashed line.

To check airports in your area you can get this app ‎Airport Facility Dir -PilotPal

Remember that just because a class D airspace turns to class G airspace after tower closes does not mean planes will stop landing or taking off. They will self announce on the CTAF. If you don’t have radio and would like to listen you can get this app. Keep in mind there is about a 5 to 7 second delay from actual radio transmission. Listen to Live ATC (Air Traffic Control) Communications |
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