class e

  1. M

    Questions about Class E / G airspace.

    I am a future (possibly, hopefully, testing Friday) certified 107 license holder. I think I have a firm grasp on airspace, but there is something I just don't see the logic in. Why doesn't ALL Class E airspace extend to the surface? I am talking about the small airports, Class E, that have no...
  2. N42742

    Tower Inspections & Airspace Authorizations

    We all know that we can fly 400 feet above an obstruction as long as we stay within a 400 foot radius. But what if that places your aircraft inside of Class E airspace? There are a lot of misconceptions involved in this one. Check out this example near Williston, Florida.
  3. T

    G space under an E @1200'

    There is a question that pops up a lot on the sample tests across the Internet. It is about G space. I'm confused as to why G goes up so high (>5000') if its under E@1200. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You have been...
  4. S

    Part 107? Here's how to file for Airspace Authorizations

    It is illegal to fly as a Part 107 operator in controlled airspace without FAA approval. Here's how to request an Airspace Authorization. Go to Request to Operate in Controlled Airspace Select Airspace Authorization: short term (less than 6 months) Most of the form you can fill out with...
  5. R

    Who's Airspace is it??

    Hi All, Spent 45min on the phone today between two different airports and did not get a conclusive answer so looking here for feedback. The important thing to note here is I'm flying under Part 107 so I must have permission not simply notify. I live in SW Michigan, where I typically fly...
  6. Richard Cox

    107 Pilots inspecting towers reaching into Class E airspace.

    I have a question for Part 107. In regard to inspecting radio towers. If the tower is 1300’ reaching into Class E airspace (even though the base of the tower is in Class G; can I fly my drone to an altitude of 1700’? Even though it is still within the 400’ of the structures immediate uppermost...