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  1. r62ewa

    Mar 30, 2016
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    I have been using my Phantom 4 for photogrammetry and using the Pix4D Capture App and I've also tried DroneDeploy's App this evening.

    With Pix4D's Capture App when my Phantom 4 is flying the grid it correctly captures images at the correct overlap for the first couple of lines of the grid but than gets sporatic captures after that, with maybe 4 pictures per line when there should be 15-20. I never lose signal or sight of the Phantom.

    And with DroneDeploy's App my Phantom was pitching forward and backwards rapidly while flying the grid at certain locations and it only captured images correctly for the first couple of lines of the grid and then became sporatic as well at capturing the images.

    I am using an iOS device and my Phantom has the latest updates. Has anyone else used these Apps and had similar experiences of irregular image capture intervals? I have been on the Pix4D forums but they are not really used and Pix4D rarely responds.

    I can't imagine it's a problem with my Phantom 4 as the images are captured at the correct intervals for the first couple of lines of the grid.
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