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  1. datsunjay

    Feb 1, 2016
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    Hi all

    Took phantom 4 out today and twice during the flight my phone shut down and restarted. I have a Samsung s7 edge. All my firmware on both phone and phantom are up to date.
    Anyone any idea why this is happening?


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  2. John Tarvin

    Aug 30, 2016
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    Morgan Hill, CA

    Three days ago, I "upgraded" my Samsung S2 tablet to Marshmallow. Before that, both Litchi and DJI Go performed flawlessly. Now, I think the DJI Go app is running OK (not 100% sure yet....need more flying time), but Litchi is not. Thought I had it fixed (turned on ALLOW USB DEBUGGING and set USB Mode to MPT) which is what I learned on the forum. I ran a Litchi orbit flight After orbiting a while, I pressed the "stop" button and began flying around. All of a sudden my tablet rebooted again. Could still control the P4, but obviously lost fpv which could be a dangerous thing. Going to the mountains early October to shoot some fall colors. Need to get this resolved before then. If anyone can help, Jason and I would both appreciate it!!

    John (Buzzard #2)
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