Camera repeatedly shutting down during the flight

Aug 7, 2016
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I was hiking yesterday on a beautiful mountain place which is just perfect for taking videos and pictures. The weather was sunny and almost windless.
During the flight, I noticed that the camera is often shutting down by itself with no obvious cause.
Sometimes I noticed that and somethimes not. So you can imagine that the most exciting parts of videos were missing. All videos lasts around 15 - 35 sec. I drained two batteries and got only 2 min of useful material. I'm pretty angry now.
Luckily I'll go there again next week and hope that the weather will be similar. But what if the camera problem will be the same? I don't want to get 20 second clips or many missing parts of the flight.

Any ideas what could be the cause? I've never experienced something like this.
I know you are aware that a slow SD card can cause that and that you probably have a fast card. But have you considered that the card might have become defective? Maybe try re-formatting it, or try a different card altogether. I was getting the same camera behavior with a slow card.

When you say the camera shuts down, do you mean the record button turns off (common with a slow or defective card), or do you mean the entire screen goes black?
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Perhaps I should say the Camera stops recording. Everything OK with the transmission.
Yes, I'm aware that the card can do that but it is the same card I'm using all the time. Maybe it becomes tired within the years.
I'll try with another one and see how it will be.
And of course, the card changes to a new file every 4 gigs.
So you could have multiple files that need to be stitched together.

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