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Phantom vision camera shutoff and/or no camera display.

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision Discussion' started by Soleangel, May 29, 2014.

  1. Soleangel

    May 24, 2014
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    So I was recently having problems wih my vision camera.
    Sometimes I wouldn't and couldn't see the live feed on my tablet or it would take a while to load.
    By my main concern was that my camera would automatically shut off and turn back on in mid air, aswell as when I had it in my hand and moved the camera around it would turn off(I knew it would because green led would turn off as well as the fan Inside the vision cam)
    I almost thought that it was the camera because I couldn't really find any info on this problem.
    So I thought to myself,"hmmm....could it be the wire that connects from the camera to the main board.?"
    And guess what.? It was.!

    They came in today as I ordered them last week on Friday (delayed because Memorial Day) and I installed as soon as I came home from work right now and everything works as it should now.!
    Everything loads up good, doesn't turn off by itself and I'm about to do some test flights to see if it's 100%
    It might be the solution to those who don't see the live feed on their smartphone/tablet.
    Not completely 100% sure on that!but it might be.

    If anybody wants the link to where I got the cable here it is from a website called "all E rc"
    It's a pack of cables so it comes with extras of others that may go wrong so it's good.:)

    And lastly here are some attachments of the old wire being stripped.
    So you can see that these wires can really go bad through out time.


    Hope this may can somebody now or in the future :)
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