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Phantom FC40 prop tests

Discussion in 'Phantom FC40 Discussion' started by felsf50, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. felsf50

    Sep 4, 2014
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    I have experimenting with props on my FC40.

    Phantom FC40
    Phantom 2 prop guards
    FC40 camera with stock camera holder
    2700mah Lectron Pro 35C batteries (highly recommended)
    Flytrex with Phantom cable
    LED Headlight

    45 Flytrex missions equaling 390 minutes of flight time.

    I was not concerned with battery time, I was testing props. But I did get just over 10 minutes of flight time with each type prop with the noted batteries.

    I tested factory DJI 8" props (both balanced and unbalanced), DJI 9" factory props (both balanced and unbalanced) and Maytech carbon 8.4x4.3" (balanced.) My impressions;

    Maytech props - too much prop for my setup. Super stiff prop. Quad not heavy enough. Lots of prop wash. When I came down (heavy stick) the quad lost control, side-to-side and landed hard. Thankfully, I landed on a long grass with no damage. Overall impression: nice props but for a heavier quad.

    DJI 9" balanced props - Much, much more stable than the carbon Maytechs, responsive but more noise and flies full stick much slower than balanced 8" DJI props (verified by Flytrex data)

    DJI 8" balanced props - Best of the best for my set up. Goes up, comes down and everywhere I point it with precision. I can land the quad effortlessly within a foot of me without fear...

    Balanced vs. Unbalanced props = Stability

    I just bought a set of carbon Phantom 1 props (with nuts) no name off Amazon. I plan on balancing then and giving them a go. Dimensionally the same size props as FC40 stock 8".
  2. pert

    Jul 1, 2014
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    try the thrust booster 9450 props, best iv tried out of almost all that are out there,. if you can find them :p
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