Phantom dropping out of Course Lock back to normal mode?

Mar 29, 2015
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I flew with course lock yesterday but I noticed that it sometimes drops out off course lock back to normal mode for no apparent reason. Initially when I flip the switch to course lock, it works ok and the phantom flies in course lock mode but sometimes, after a while it started behaving like it is back in normal mode although the switch is still in course lock. Toggling the switch to normal mode and then back to course lock then reinstates course lock on the Phantom.
On the occasions when it happened I was tracking an object sideways intending to pan the camera flying in the same direction to see the object dissapear in the distance as I couldn't keep up with it's speed.
When I started tracking, the copter was facing course lock orientation so making it go sideways would have been the same in our out of course lock. Therefore I don't know exactly when it dropped out of course lock. I noticed it when I started panning but it might have fell back earlier.
I have no idea when or why it drops out off course lock. Anyone else experienced this behaviour?
I have a Phantom 2 Vison+ 3.0.
I replaced my s1 switch, those switches are cheap and nasty, it could be your problem.
Hook it up to Phantom Assistant and fiddle with the S2 switch to see if it is intermittent. It is a standard switch and easy to replace if it is bad.
It has Happened to me twice in a couple flights (but 95% of the time its ok?) , I have upgraded to 3.12....maybe an upgrade issue? If it is the switches, are they easy to replace? what do u look for to see if it is a switch problem?
Thanks for the tips. I am already on 3.12. If it is a dodgy switch, probably it would already be solved when wiggeling the switch a little when it happens without the need to toggle it all the way up. I'll give that a try next time. Also I'll hook it up to the assistant to see if that shines any light on the matter.
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