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Phantom Drifts and Crashs

Discussion in 'Phantom 1 Help' started by antonioteixeira, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. antonioteixeira

    Apr 18, 2013
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    Hi Guys

    After some time off because a phantom crash, I'm unable to fly it again because I have some issues. So I will talk about previous crashes to avoid any lack of info...

    My first crash, a soft one, was 2 month ago, when, after 2 or 3 flights without any issues, I changed to last battery and Phantom starts to drift to left... This was a very fast move, so I put it down into a soft bush and no visible damage was noticed. It lifted around 2 to 3 meter high.

    I did a software's "IMO calibration" (2 days after - I had no computer where I was) and it looked fly nice again...
    Next, some time after, I notice a similar behavior. So I did the same calibration (and manual compass's calibration too) and it´s ok again.

    After some weeks and some flights after, I had a strange crash. I dont know if it was from this drift effect or some wind (some high winds). When I felt some heavy wind, I took it down, but around 1 meter from the ground, a wind blow turned upside down my Phantom. The motors don't shut down- (tried several times while go closer to Phantom but no success) . I had to turn off battery cable to power off motors. This was in a dry ground, with many particles (sand) going to inside motors and phantom internal parts...

    The propellers had heavy damage, so I replace them. I disassembled all phantom and motors and did a heavy cleaning procedure, with air flow, brush and a lubricating oil on motors (similar to WD40).
    Everything reassembled and software upgraded (to assistant 2.18 and firmware 4.0) I redid a Calibrating routine (manual and software) again.
    Now, last weekend I tried flight again, and it had heavy drift issues again. Tried another callibrating routine and the same thing... Even with GPS mode turned-off, this drift happens.
    On software side, everything is OK. It reports there is no need to calibrate IMU. Sticks calibration are fine too...
    I noticed a different behavior on take-off - my throttle stick need go to more than 50% /60% to take off and it is too fast - so I need to put stick down fast to avoid a high elevation.
    Any advice to help me to solve this drift issue? This can be a hardware (motors, ESC, Compass, etc) damage problem?

    Kind regards

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