Phantom 4 Pro 3-in-1 version 1.0 board has 6 IPEX connectors but replacement board only has 4?


Sep 11, 2018
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Phantom 4 Pro 3-in-1 version 1.0 board has 6 IPEX connectors but replacement board only has 4? The old board has two IPEX connectors at one other side but the new replacement board I bought only has 4 along one side. The numbers on the boards are as follows: Old one with the two extra IPEX connectors -- p02144.06 CS 1642 and new replacement board that is missing two IPEX connectors is -- p02144.07 LN 1742 I've googled photos of the boards and the one with 6 IPEX connectors is definitely for the p4p V1.0. The V2 only has a total of two IPEX connectors in the photos rather than a total of six. Anyone know what the replacement board is from? I've looked at photos on line and its not a Phantom 4 or for a Phantom 4 advanced... I'm clueless.... If this new replacement board is compatible with my v1 P4p what do I do with the wire leads now?? The old board is on the left and the new board is on the right in the attached photo below. Thanks


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Figured it out. The replacement board is from a P4p Obsidian. There are a few differences in comparison to a P4p V1 with the camera and this 3-in-1 board despite what a lot of people think-- its not just the external appearance of the bird. I simply left the sub G wires disconnected since there were no IPEX plugs on the Obsidian board, had to reinstall DJI Assistant II to my laptop (wouldn't recognize until I did that) camera image would not show up on my device until I refreshed the firmware and reset all setting to default and now no errors and no issues. Will fly a bit over the weekend to make sure.

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