Phantom 3 Professional - First few weeks.

Jul 3, 2015
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Hi everyone!
We got our Phantom 3 around 3 weeks ago now and although we have worked in video and editing for a while this is was our first few weeks working with a drone, we were out every night trying to get to grips with it and these are the highlights. Please let me know what you think!
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Really impressed, looks great and you really have the hang of the gimbal movements while descending. Nice work and some really interesting subjects.
Nice video, very smooth flying and some nice subjects.

Be aware that technically this was in breach of the CAA regulations (found here)
(see 167 2.c, which states you must be 50m away from structures and vehicles)

I think the only bit that was risky was flying over the road and flying over all those houses looking into the sunset

Sorry to be a fun sponge...
Great first video. You obviously have lots of experience with editing and sound. Great color and subject matter. More of a compilation of shots.....didn't tell a story, but nice flying.
Your team has definite talent, especially for spotting interesting shots. Keep up the good work!
Great composition and framing, and grading is mostly spot on! Nice reel, keep it up.

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