Phantom 3 professional buy or no?

If it's your first drone, at that price and if it includes everythinig to fly; absolutly. Get experience then get one of the newer DJI drones....if they aren't all banned by then.
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If you were replacing a Phantom 3 series drone and have existing batteries etc. it might be worth it but if you are just starting out I would look at one of the Mini drones like the Mini 2 SE ($279) or the Mini 3 ($335). They are new with full warranties and support.

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If you like big drones stick with the P4 series. They're available at very reasonable cost and batteries will be available for quite a while longer. P3P was a good drone but not good enough anymore, unless you already own one.
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I still fly my P4P v1 and love it. Everything still available for it too. Don't think you can get one for $220 though. If money is not an issue, then yes, go for the P4P.

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