Phantom 2 with gopro - Has glare problems

Dec 23, 2014
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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
I was working on my first project and encountered some glare problems.

see this video -

Scene 1 - At night there was 2 red glares on the top two corners. I finally figured out that it was from the red lights on the phantom and I got around that by putting on duct tape over the lights.

Scene 2 - These glares are in the SAME position as the first scene. it can be the lights because the glare is more blur/green. The sun was setting on the west and the phantom is flying to the south. It comes and goes depending on slight changes in direction the phantom is facing. Is the sun or sky reflecting off the arms or maybe the clear light covers on the front? Should I spray the front arms flat black and cover the lights?

Scene 3 - this is a repeat problem and it is ALWAYS the same shape! this time the sun was up at around 10:00 in the morning and the phantom was flying south. I thought it was the sun reflecting off the lens of the Gopro. But that can't be it because I have actually taken videos of the sunrise, etc.. without the phantom. This only shows up when the Gopro is on the phantom and the sun does not make that weird blue shape that looks like a reflection of a circuit board!

And yes I also had to deal with jello effect, but I got better at avoiding that as i got more practice!

Any suggestions or advice about those glares?
After looking at the other videos, it definitely the sun or glare from the sky reflecting off the plastic light covers on the front of the phantom. It never does that around noon time.

So I will either tape off the side portion of the clear plastic light covers with black electrical tape or I will make some kind of "baseball cap" type thing for the lens.

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