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Phantom 2 Vision Range Extender Battery

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision Discussion' started by tgaynor, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. tgaynor

    Nov 25, 2013
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    New Jersey, USA
    I was wondering if anyone has done any testing on the range extender battery. How long does it last? I was going to order a few extra batteries for the Phantom 2 Vision, but was not sure how many to get if I did not know how long the range extender battery lasts. I do not see a way to recharge that while out and about.

  2. MikeON

    Nov 5, 2013
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    Pennsylvania, USA
    I have gone three 20-25 minute flights on one charge of the range extender battery. Maybe could go more, but haven't tried it. I'm using rechargeable NiMH AAs in the remote controller and have gotten 3 flights out of them too. When I recharge them, the charger shows them about 75% full at the start.
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