Perceived Danger of WiFi

Nov 22, 2014
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Leeds, United Kingdom
I may need to do a flight or two in close proximity to some occupied residential properties. I tend to avoid them as a rule. However I wondered whether anyone can suggest whether there is a credible threat to 2.4/5.8Ghz interference (or any other problem) caused by domestic routers and internet devices active inside a home.

I know from setting up WiFi CCTV in my garden that actually the router signal does not penetrate a great distance outside a house, but if I am flying very close to a building, I am in theory liable to any interference that spread spectrum techniques cannot protect against.

Any scientific or anecdotal views invited.
Generally Wi-fi is on a fixed channel, the 2.4Ghz control is spread spectrum, frequency agile, so interference should be minimal.
I've flown my Phantom 2 on the front lawn, within 15 feet (LOS out of a window) of a router running 100mw (that also has 9db onmi antennas) with no issues at all.
Most of my flying is in the presence of dozens of Wi-Fi signals. I was really nervous about it when I first got my P2. Not any more. The P2 (non-vision) has a great radio setup. It uses FASST which spreads control packets all over the frequency spectrum, i.e. spread spectrum. I've put it between multiple tall, fully-occuppied buildings with no issues.

Just avoid hovering within 10ft of antennas and you should be fine.
Thanks chaps. Will give it a go.

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