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  1. AlaskaPhantom

    Mar 10, 2016
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    So with all the talk on the lack of range talk on the p4 I am a bit reluctant to update the firmware on the rc. I don't know if this could make a difference or not but I have been out to a mile with full signal and with the unforgiving terrain that's all I was comfortable with for now. I have whatever firmware the rc had when Apple shipped it. I did update the bird but did not know you had to hook the rc up separately to update that at the time so it never did get updated. Anyway just looking for your thoughts on this subject and if you think the firmware would make a difference as far as range and signal. This is my first phantom so I don't have nothing to compare to but honestly with all the negative talk about it and how the p3p will out perform it in many areas it makes a guy wonder if he should return and get in on the p3p deals going on. Thanks and happy flying
  2. Davphys

    Nov 29, 2015
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    That doesn't make sense. The RC is updated without connecting it to the bird.
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