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  1. XFlite

    Jun 27, 2015
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    I just got back from a trip from Tahoe to do some footage work. Got home and had to do the update on the drone and when I took off I noticed that it only went up and down and sometimes it would bank left or right but not all the time, the bird would fly backwards but not move forward.

    Like we always do... I PANICKED! I did the Firmware Refresh - Did the Controller Firmware Refresh - did all the long process and not thinking the very obvious.

    It was just the OBJECT AVOIDANCE SENSORS kicking in - no wonder it didn't want to move forward nor bank to the left or right since I there were objects within the range of the sensors.

    For a minute I was thinking I had a bad bird - thankfully the sensor does work.

    So next time - I tell myself before I panic is to check the settings and obvious. LOL to myself.
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  2. David Cooke

    Apr 10, 2016
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    Sarnia ON Canada
    I agree ... Know your system functions and behaviours well before you blame the software ... I know I've made similar mistakes with not being thoroughly familiar with ALL modes... And how recover when it's doing what I TOLD it to do rather than what I WANT it to. I was excited to try Litchi last week and after completing the mission it kind of drifted off and would not come home without RTH. It would pause but any time hit pause again it would drift away and not respond... As I sat there in pause and rapidly running battery to zero I finally hit RTH and it came back and landed ignoring my attempts to control. ... All this in "P" mode. Back reading the manual I discovered all I needed to do was flick to
    Sport mode to cancel the extra activities I was unaware I had programmed... it was just determined to complete in the mission I had entered.

    Moral of the story... Know ALL the modes and functions BEFORE you try complex missions, or any new mission really.... I know I will now.... Not worth the panic.

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